Bottleneck Settings is where you can customize appearance, configure Filters and change Benchmarks.
To access Bottleneck Settings, go to Window > Project Scan > Bottleneck Settings

Project Type Specify whether your game/application is 2D or 3D, this will be used for some of the tests.
Show Sidebar If false, the sidebar of Bottleneck Scanner will be hidden.
Show Results’ Categories If false, Result Categories will not be displayed.
Show Results ID If true, Result ID will be displayed. This is good if you want to refer to a result when talking on forums or when contacting a support.
Objects List Width % Specifies the width of Affected Objects. 100% will stretch to the whole width of a window. It’s recommended to keep it somewhere below 50%
Objects List Height Specifies the height of the Affected Objects. Good to keep the height stable to avoid bloating Results Panel.
Skin Mode This option enables you to force a skin style: Pro or Light. However, it’s highly recommended to leave this option as it is.

Enable Benchmark Settings If set true, Benchmark Settings will be considered for the next test.
Max Occlusion Culling Bake Age Specifies, in hours, how old is occlusion culling is acceptable for your project.
Maximum distance the furthest GameObject Specifies, in units, how far away GameObject can be to be considered “Lost”.
Max Rigidbodies per Scene Specifies how many rigidbodies can you have per single scene.
Max Texture Size Target Specifies acceptable “Max Size” a texture can be.
Max UI Components per Canvas Maximum number of UI components that can be allowed per Canvas.

Excluded File Extensions File extensions which are going to be ignored during the next scan.
Excluded File Prefixes Files with given prefixes are going to be ignored during the next scan. By default, all Project Scan scripts will be ignored (they all have a “PS_” prefix).
Excluded Files Specified file names will be ignored during the next scan. Be sure to include file extension as well. (E.g. “house.fbx”).
Excluded GameObject Tags Allows you to specify a tag to ignore all GameObjects that use it.
Project Directories Allows you to exclude special folders from being scanned. Useful if you want to avoid scanning third-party plugins.
Scene Mode If set to All Open Scenes, all GameObjects from both the active and open scenes will be included in the scanning process.

This section doesn’t contain any settings to play around with, but rather actions that affect settings from other sections. You can reset specific sections or reset everything.

Reset General Resets all settings located in General Section.
Reset Benchmarks Resets all settings located in Benchmarks Section.
Reset Filters Resets all settings located in Filters Section.
Delete Data Deletes ALL settings and deletes all collected results from Bottleneck Scanner.
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