Modules in Tutorial Master are what makes tutorials interactive. They're separate UI Elements that act as guides for the player, showing necessary information to players or act as means of proceeding to next stage of the tutorial.

Enables or disables this Module. If disabled, this Module will not be activated for this stage.
Duplicates the current Module.
Deletes this Module.

If set to true, this module will use a different module prefab. Use this setting if you want to use a unique Module GameObject.

GameObject that will be used instead of the one from Module Pool.

If true, this Module will keep updating on every LateUpdate() call. Use this function to a minimum as it will put a strain on low-end devices.

Specifies in which Canvas should this Module will appear inside of.

Specifies how the position of this Module will be determined by.

Type Description
Transform BasedModule will position itself in relation to a specified transform.
ManualModule will be positioned based on a static position.

Specifies the position of the Module if the Position Mode is set to “Manual”. Position given will modify the anchored position of the Module. E.g. position of (0,0) will set the Module to be in the centre of the Canvas.

Specifies the location of the transform based target.

Type Description
Canvas SpaceTransform Target is a UI Element and resides within a Target Canvas.
World SpaceTransform Target is a GameObject

A transform that will be targeted by a Module.

Specifies where the Module will appear in a relation of a UI Transform Target. It takes the size of both the Module and the UI Element into an account when calculating the position which is why it's important for Modules to have a more precise sizing.

Type Description
CenterModule will appear exactly where UI Target is
TopModule will appear above the UI Target
BottomModule will appear below the UI Target
LeftModule will appear on the left side of the UI Target
RightModule will appear on the right side of the UI Target
Top LeftModule will appear on the top left side of the UI Target
Top RightModule will appear on the top right side of the UI Target
Bottom LeftModule will appear on the bottom left side of the UI Target
Bottom RightModule will appear on the bottom right side of the UI Target

If set to true, the Module will not leave the Canvas it's inside of. It's a recommended setting when dealing with World Space transform targets that are not always in the view of the camera.

Specifies the padding of the constraint. The higher the values, the smaller space the Module can navigate around.

In the image below, this is how canvas constrain area would look like without any padding values applied. (The dark border is the Canvas, the red border represents constrain padding).

And this is how the constrain area would look like if TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT padding set to 50.

You can also set padding to be negative to achieve the opposing effect, increasing the constrain area.

Additional offset to the module position. Useful for making final adjustments to the Module position.

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